Utility Projects

Pipeline 3 Relining Project

Involved multiple appraisals for partial acquisitions for temporary easement rights to pipe access portals. Project boundaries were from Lake Murray to Sweetwater Reservoir. The appraisals involved analysis of highest and best use, valuation of the whole properties, temporary easement analysis, and consideration of damages and benefits. 

California High-Speed Rail Project

Involved appraisal review work of 100 properties within right of way for the High Speed Rail in Fresno and Central Valley. Property types included: Commercial, retail, industrial, entitled land and agricultural properties.

Lake Hodges Tunnel Project

Project required partial-take appraisals of 19 properties for an underground tunnel easement acquisition. The tunnel was required to connect Lake Hodges Reservoir to Olivenhain Reservoir.  Analysis of damages and benefits.  Appraisals completed for right of way acquisition purposes.

Conservation / Mitigation Projects

Sunrise Powerlink Project & East County Substation Project (ECO)

Involved appraisals of 40 commercial, single-family residential properties, and large holdings of land, throughout eastern San Diego County. The project required full-take and partial-take appraisal for Right of Way acquisition. After condition analysis included consideration of damages resulting from power lines located near single-family residences. The appraisals included valuation of the fee simple interest, as well as, permanent and temporary easement rights. Many of the properties required detailed larger parcel analysis.

Lonestar & Johnson Canyon Mitigation Project

This project involved appraisals of over 880 acres of entitled residential land and sensitive habitat occupied by protected species. The purpose of the project was for offsite mitigation of regional transportation related project impacts.

SR-76 East Segment Project Improvements

Multiple appraisals completed for partial acquisitions for expansion of SR-76.  Properties appraised included a golf course, retail property, improved residential properties, and vacant unentitled land.  Some appraisals involved sensitive habitat issues. Involved analysis of highest and best use, larger parcel considerations, valuation of the whole properties, part take analysis, and consideration of damages, and benefits.

United Enterprises - East San Diego County Holding

Appraisal of over 2,300 acres of vacant, rural land located in eastern San Diego County. The holding's onsite vegetation included: southern mixed / chamise chaparral, coastal sage scrub, non-native grassland, and southern interior cypress forest and southern coast live oak riparian forest. The appraisal involved complex highest and best use analysis. The appraisers used geographic information system (GIS) mapping to help illustrate the environmental and legal constraints and boundaries impacting the subject property.

Rail Projects

State Route 125 Toll Road Project (South Bay Expressway)

Managed valuation effort of 150 properties as part of the acquisition team of California Transportation Ventures and Caltrans. The project boundary was from the USA/Mexico international border to SR-54. Hendrickson Appraisal Company coordinated the appraisal effort as a prime contractor. Property types included valuation of commercial, industrial, residential, sensitive habitat land, and subdivision land. Valuation analysis included both full and partial-take acquisitions, and analysis of damages and benefits.  

Representative Projects completed

SR-163 and Friars Road Interchange Project, Fallbrook St. Extension Project,

Bear Valley Widening Project, Wing Avenue Drainage Project, 

Calavo Avenue Drainage Project

Multi-parcel acquisition appraisals for street widening, street extension, and drainage improvements. Involved analysis of highest and best use, valuation of the whole properties, part take analysis, and consideration of damages and benefits. Eminent Domain, flood damage, and biological habitat issues were presented in most of these assignments. 

Road and Freeway Projects

Jeffries Ranch Opportunity Purchase for SR-76 Offsite Mitigation

Appraisal of 80 acres of land with an approved tentative map for 44 residential lots.​ The parcel's onsite vegetation included: coastal sage scrub, non-native grassland, riparian woodland, and coast live oak woodland. The scope of the assignment included valuation of the property to its highest and best use for a potential opportunity purchase by the State of California.

Mid-Coast Transit Project, Elvira - Morena Double Track Project, ​San Ysidro Rail Yard Project, ​

Mid-Central Rail Project, Centre City Transit Site, Sorrento Valley Double Track Project

Multiple Rail Projects involving appraisals and budgetary estimates for over 100 properties within the San Diego area for SANDAG with valuation oversight in some cases from Caltrans.

Property types included: mid-rise offices and condos, industrial, large apartment complexes, retail and wholesale warehouses, undeveloped land, partially entitled land, and land with environmentally sensitive habitat. Valuation of the whole, part acquired, analysis of severance damages and benefits. Multiple valuation scenarios applied in the Mid Coast Transit Project.