Hendrickson Appraisal Company provides appraisal services covering a wide variety of real estate. 

In addition to valuation of properties based upon their highest and best use, we also provide consulting services relating to alternative uses for various properties, under differing use scenarios. 

Appraisers within the firm provide valuation consultation and expert witness testimony relating to several legal matters involving:

  • eminent domain property acquisitions

  • estate matters

  • real property misrepresentation matters 

  • partnership disputes

  • bankruptcy and foreclosure matters 

  • diminution of value matters involving

    • construction defects 

    • soils subsidence

    • hazardous waste issues

In addition to court testimony, arbitration and mediation services are provided to facilitate settlement on valuation issues, as appropriate.​

Client List

Property Types Appraised 

Real Estate We Appraise:  

  • Office Complexes (mid- & high-rise) 

  • Retail Centers (Neighborhood & Regional Power Centers)

  • Restaurants

  • Multi-Family Residential

  • Industrial Properties

  • Tideland Water Front Properties

  • Marinas

  • Special-Use Properties

  • Large Vacant Land Holdings

  • Conservation / Mitigation Land

  • Residential Subdivision

  • Golf Courses